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About LeTip North Fork

Founded in 2020, LeTip North Fork is an exclusive, invite-only business networking group comprised of highly-vetted professionals across various fields, including professional services, trades, retail, hospitality, personal services, construction, entertainment, technology, and agriculture. Our unique structure ensures only one member per category, such as one plumber, lawyer, contractor, and banker at a time.

Our members meet weekly at 7 am every Wednesday in Mattituck to deepen their understanding of each other’s businesses. In addition to informal conversations, members take turns weekly to explain their services and ideal customers, enhancing referral quality.

Each week, a few members present in-depth insights into their work, strengthening the group's knowledge and collaborative spirit.

Our members, akin to a family, frequently use each other's services, gaining firsthand experience of their quality. This intimate knowledge allows confident referrals to friends and businesses. Feedback shared during meetings ensures high standards are maintained.

When a member meets an exceptional businessperson in North Fork, they invite them to a meeting. This process involves getting to know the candidate followed by careful vetting and a board vote for membership.

Our diverse range of services is showcased in our North Fork business directory.

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