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Every year, we carefully pick new members for our pledge class - smart, caring, energetic individuals who will represent our Business Fraternity with pride and exemplary character traits. We are excited to welcome each and every member, and are happy to provide endless opportunities for friendship, leadership and scholarship.

Group Students Smilling
College Students

Beta Class

Casey Johnson
Addison Blythe
Avery Hartley
Chris James
Dakota Flemming
Jordan Kohen
Jamie Fern
Robbie Hakman
Sam Albit
Jessie Jones
Montana Moreno
Skyler Norris
Peyton Lostman
Perry Jupsmay
Jules Lesshe

Gamma Class

Flynn Hope
Frankie Gallager
Lane Benson
Parker Leshing
Reese Robber
Remy Boe
Rory Gilmore
Sage Green
Tristan Harper
Tyler Simy
Whitney Kreit
Arden Eddel
Blair Cepkoman
Braidy Miller
Arlo Kogan

Alpha Class

Shannon Ohara
Jayden Thompson
Logan Morin
Lee Lemaskin
Riley Bless
Dylan Guthman
Devin Rochman
Anderson Coopcask
Carson Ram
Dawson Cream
Emerson Rose
Aaren Aviya
Charlie Misginy
Channing Dustgrey
Drew Daniels

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