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Showboater, Greeter, Speaker, and Lucky Devil

When you join LeTip, you'll be added to a rotating schedule where, for four consecutive weeks, you'll be the "showboater", the "greeter", the "speaker" and finally, the "lucky devil". This helps the other members get to know you better so they can be more confident and effective when recommending you to people they know. Here's what you'll be doing during these four meetings:


WEEK 1: The Showboater

As the showboater, you have the responsibility of introducing your business, services and products to the chapter. You may sell any of your products or services at the meeting on the day you are the showboater. You need to showboat flamboyantly, to educate your sales force using all five senses, color, taste, feel, smell, and sound. This needs to be in a 3 dimensional state not flat on a table. The more you can educate us, the more business you will receive, as more members will understand how to "sell" you to others. Although it is a non-speaking part of the program, we encourage you to stand at your showboat table before the meeting begins and after the meeting to answer any questions members and guests may have. Remember: you need to present and set up 15 minutes prior to our starting time.


WEEK 2: The Greeter

The second week you will become the "greeter". As guests arrive, you will stand a the door and greet them with the following greeting; "Welcome to LeTip of the North Fork.  I am your official greeter. The greeter makes sure all guests are properly signed in on the guest sheet and given a paper name badge and LeTip literature before the meeting begins. Make sure the guests and the members are directed to view and meet with the showboater for the day.


WEEK 3: The Speaker

The third week, you become our "speaker". You will have 10 minutes to speak about your business. You'll need to write a professional introduction about yourself and your business and present that to me, the program director prior to the meeting so I may properly introduce you. Please remember, you have the honor of sitting at the head table on the day you are the speaker so look for your place at the head table.


WEEK 4: The Lucky Devil

The fourth week you're the recipient of the lucky devil. Members are asked what they recall from your speech from the previous week to further cement it into the long-term memory of  the members.

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